Thursday, 8 October 2009

Most popular searches March-September 2009

Since we started recording the most popular reasons to visit this site six months have passed and the number of visitors a day is in the 300-400 mark with a peak of over 700. We have just done a quick look to see who is online now and we had, simultaneously, people in Moralzarzal, Spain; San Antonio de Padua, Argentina; Budapest, Hungary; Potsdam, Hamburg and Cottbus, Germany; Whitmann, Shallotte, Springfield and Salt Lake City, USA and Auckland, New Zealand. So Venus Observations spans the world and shows that, whereever you are, everyone loves a naked girlie! We can now present the top 20, based on the average number of key words searched, over the months of March to August 2009. We record our figures using four categories: Playboy Playmates, Penthouse Pets, Other women, other (non women).

1 Pubic Wars (other)

2 Elizabeth Ann Roberts (Playboy)

3 Veronika Zemanova (other women)

4 Melodye Prentiss (Playboy)
5 Gloria Root (Playboy)
6 Venus Observations (other)
7 Marie Louise O'Murphy (other)
8 Hyapatia Lee (other women)
9 Giselle Bundchen (other women)
10 Liv Lindeland (Playboy)
11 Louann Fernald (Playboy)

12 Sue and Louise Elvin (Penthouse)

13 Stephanie McLean (Penthouse)
14 Maureen O'Hara (other women)
15 Flaming June (other)
16 Lady Godiva (other)
17 Liz Stewart (Playboy)
18 Lady Godiva John Collier (other)
19 Arthur Hacker Syrinx (other)
20 Claire Rambeau (Playboy)

Most popular Playboy Playmate by far is Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Penthouse Pet is Stephanie McLean although Sue and Louise Elvin, who weren't Pets but did appear in Penthouse, got marginally more searches. The top "other woman", so to speak, (and that's a question Agent DVD is fond of asking!) is undoubtedly Veronika Zemanova with the Pubic Wars coming top of the "other" category and top overall

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