Thursday, 8 October 2009

Phoenix Venus: Amber Valetta

You're supposed to cover your breasts not your eyes!

Here is a truly Venus-like Venus. Phoenix born supermodel Amber Valetta started modelling at fifteen and has now moved into acting. In fact she has made 16 films in the last ten years so presumably she is quite good at acting or she wouldn't keep getting more jobs (see, by contrast, Cindy Crawford and Fair Game (1995).

Every supermodel has to have a cause, to prove that she is not a brain dead clothes horse, and Amber's is warning people about the dangers of mercury contamination in seafood. Original, anyway.

Much better than banging on about seals, whales, rhinos, global warming or all the other things supermodels usually bang on about when not being paid ludicrous amounts of money just for standing around whilst being severely underweight.

Amber and the even skinnier Shalom Harlow. They both need a good sausage splat or ten

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