Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Polish Venus: Doda Elektroda

Yesterday Agent Triple P had a very enjoyable lunch with a senior government chap from Poland. We were talking about and, indeed, being served by, lovely young Polish women. There are reasons we went to war for Poland and Polish women must be one of them! The first woman Agent Triple P properly snogged (or rather, Triple P being 14 and she being 17, she snogged me) was Polish. Splendid people!

Here, as a a fine example, is Doda Elektroda or Dorota Rabczewska, to give her her correct (if rather more difficult to pronounce) name, who is a Polish singer.

She has appeared, thankfully, in Polish Playboy and is not just a pretty face (!) but has an IQ of 156 and is a member of MENSA (of whom there are only 110,000 members world wide and all of them as smug as anything).

Not only intelligent but Doda can also catch insects in flight with her tongue

Agent Triple P qualifies for MENSA but, of course, wouldn't ever join a club that would have him as a member.

Further to a request we are putting up some more pictures of Doda.

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