Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Philadelphia Venus: Lani Todd

Well for our final Agent Triple P North American tour Venus we don't apolgise for presenting yet another lovely from Playboy.

Sometimes we like nothing more than to gaze upon an artfully wrought nineteenth century European painting of a nude and sometimes we like to gaze upon a photograph of a fit young lady flashing her pussy. And today is one of those days.

Given Jennifer Lewis, the Playboy Cyber Girl we presented as our Washington DC Venus yesterday, we thought we would cunningly present the Cyber Girl who never was, in the lithe form of Miss Lani Todd.

Lani was born on June 4th, 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania thus fullfilling our city tour Venus criteria perfectly.

Lani is a model, hairstylist and make up artist which must make her very popular with photographers who can economise on their styling team; always useful in these trying economic times.

Lani became Cyber Girl of the week for the first week in September 2002 but her pictorial was mysteriously pulled off the website after a very short time.

All was revealed in December when she became the Playmate of the Month for the Christmas 2002 issue. The week of 2nd-8th September 2002 is now, therefore the only week without a Cyber Girl.

Why they did this has never been clear, after all other girls had gone from Cyber Girl to Playmate but perhaps it was a heirarchical question for Playboy. A lowly Cyber Girl of the week couldn't just jump to Playmate.

After all Stephanie Heinrich, the very first Cyber Girl of the Week from September 2000, had gone on to become Cyber Girl of the Month before jumping to Playmate in October 2001.

Lani's progress was much more rapid and she jumped two stages. It's like being promoted from Captain to General in one go or being upgraded from British Airways economy to First Class.

The system just doesn't work like this so Playboy obviously realised that they had made a mistake in making hera Playmate so soon after Cyber Girl and so tried to hide the evidence!

Apart from her appearance in the magazine she has also appeared in some of the Playboy Newsstand specials (just pictures of girls without all those tiresome articles full of words) and videos.

Sadly, Agent Triple P has never been a fan of Playboy videos. They suffer from an almost complete lack of any concept of eroticism.

Girl appears clothed. Quick cut. Girl is naked. Completely missing the all important Agent DVD "tease factor".

The Penthouse videos (albeit that latterly they were slightly more explicit than the Playboy ones) were much superior in this area; mainly for realising that to be sexy you have to take things slowly.

Talking of explicit, Lani is showing a little more than most Playmates in some of these pictures and the girl on girl ones, which Penthouse started doing in the seventies, are still quite rare for Playboy. In the picture below she embraces the very perky Mia Acevado.

Below Lani is getting molested by Lynn Kelly in a rather natty see-through bath. Either that or its a very large example of those trendy glass saucepans.

One of the more popular searches that brings people to the Venus Observations site is "sauna girls" or such like. So here is a nice picture of Lani and Lynn again getting steamy.

Lani is a reasonably statuesque 5'7" and 36B-25-35 and a far from hefty 8st 13lbs. As we have seen, models love to have a cause and Lani's was doing work for Hurricane Katrina victims. Help! Help! It's getting windy!

We say a fond farewell to Lani with this very naughty, for Playboy, up the crack knickers shot. A suitable climax to our presentation of eight women from eight cities in North America now that we are safely ensconced back at home in cold and dark England!

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