Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Washington DC Venus: Jennifer Lewis

Representing Washington DC, the penultimate stop on my trans-North America tour, we present Miss Jennifer Lewis. Her very naked presence here is largely because one of our regular "readers" sent us an e-mail suggesting that our current crop of Venuses from the cities we are travelling through are, how shall we put it, somehat over-dressed?

Given this is a sight devoted to the "erotic depiction of women" she thought that "pictures of second tier Canadian actresses in tanks (North American for vest, apparently) don't quite cut it". Well, we think that that might depend on the actress and, indeed, the vest.

To represent "the Nation's Capital", as they call it here, we were pondering on a couple of actresses for this post. One was Alyson Hannigan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame. Now we thing Miss Hannigan is an excellent actress and, much to our surprise, she has posed for some rather provocative pictures but perhaps she was still a little over-dressed.

The second actress to turn up who was born in Washington DC was, none other than that favourite of Agent DVD, Katherine Heigl. However we have featured Miss Heigl a number of times before and so we kept looking and behold we turned up Jennifer who was also born in Washington on May 4th ( a date that resonates with Agent DVD) 1985.

We do appreciate a girl who loves her ironing board

Native Washingtonian model Jennifer Lewis was the Playboy Cyber Girl of the week for October 20th 2008. A Cyber Girl does not mean that she walks around painted silver with two handles sticking out of her head and a radiator on her chest, although I am sure she would look lovely in anything.

Look closely; she is as furry as a peach!

No, Cyber Girls were first put onto the Playboy website in 2000, presumably to increase the number of girlie pictorials to populate the site given the limitations only having one Playmate every month.
They are sort of lesser models in a Playmate hierarchy which goes something like this: Playmate of the Year, Anniversary Playmate (20th, 25th anniversary of the magazine and so on), Playmate, Cyber girl of the Year, Cyber Girl of the month and the lowly weekly Cyber Girl.

It wasn't long before a Cyber Girl graduated to becoming a Playmate (Stephanie Heinrich in October 2001) but on the whole they hardly featured in the more prestigious magazine at all. Cyber Girls of the week get voted on and Jennifer went on to be Cyber Girl of the Month for February 2009.

Somehow we think she is not blonde nor busty enought to make Cyber Girl of the Year but we rather like her slim, brunette look; much more so than some of the silicone blondes that Playboy has taken to displaying.

Jennifer demonstrates the currently en Vogue smooth look

Jennifer was discovered byfellow Cyber Girl, and former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison at a Playboy Golf party where she was working as an event co-ordinator. Holly encouraged 5'5", 34B-24-34 Jennifer to send her pictures to Playboy. It worked, obviously.

Nice apartment

As Cyber Girl of the Month the models pose for a different set of pictorials and/or videos every week. Jennifer's final shoot was for these rather striking fishnet ones.

These final two are a bit stronger than would be typically seen in the magazine and are pretty strong even for Cyber Girls; Playboy models don't usually flash so much pink.

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