Monday, 17 October 2011

Calendar Girl Venus: Daria Werbowy

So, you are a trendy fashion conscious femme in Paris (aren't they all?) and you buy French Vogue every month.  The magazine issues a calendar for you to put up in your kitchen so that you don't miss that vital appointment at the manicurist.


So, what would be appropriate for a calendar for a top womens' magazine?  A selection from their best fashion pictures over the decades, some French actors in immaculate suits, clothes as still life, perhaps?


No, lets use pictures of a naked woman in bed draped in jewellery!  That's just what our readers would like!


Hence, here we have Daria Werbowy, a Polish born Ukrainian/Canadian model, sprawled about looking like a Penthouse Pet from the early seventies, in a set of photographs by Mikael Jannson..


5'11" tall Daria exposes pretty much everything in this set of pictures which are, we should remind you, for a womens magazine!  She even goes full frontal on the cover.


She also appeared in the 2011 Pirelli calendar which is, of course, aimed at men (or at least it is in principle;  we suspect that these days it is more aimed at art directors and other photographers than people who sell tyres in garages).


Now of course, Agent Triple P has observed that women are much more interested in looking at pictures of nice looking naked women that men are of men.


Even given that, these images are surprisingly sexualised for their target market.  They are much more explicit, for example, than calendars produced for the likes of FHM or Maxim.


We aren't saying that we don't like them, just that we are bit surprised by them.  We can't imagine Vogue in the US publishing something like this.


We only became aware of this calendar, which was released nearly a year ago as our French friend N was talking about it the other day.  She told me that she has it up in her kitchen!  Ah well, French women.  That is why they are so fascinating!


Daria is one of the highest paid models in the world (ranks no 6 2020-2011) and still holds the record for opening the most runway shows in a year.


Triple P would be very happy to have these images of her on his kitchen wall but is surprised so many French women do as well!  Good for them, we suppose, or perhaps they only see the jewellery not the girl. 


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