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Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 2: Annie Walker by Ed Alexander, October 1976

For our second non-centrefold of the month we travel back to October 1976 and present Annie Walker from Mayfair magazine.

Mayfair, at this time, was running eight pictorials of girls a month compared to, for example, Penthouse's three.  We have picked this particular woman not just because we like the look of the lady in question,  Annie Walker, but because someone asked us to include some more mature ladies in our posts.

Annie was 34 when this pictorial was shot which doesn't make her a mature woman from Triple P's perspective these days but she would have been when this was published in 1976!

Annie had been a top glamour model in her earlier days (under the name of Ann Walker) and was making a comeback to modelling with this pictorial.

She had retired some ten years before and had set up her own modelling agency with financial help from her then boyfriend, photographer Ed Alexander. Alexander left her for one of her models but it was him who persuaded her to return to the front of the lens for this set.  Mayfair rarely gave a photographer's credit in this period but it would be a surprise if this set was taken by anyone else other than Alexander.

Alexander had been a top glamour photographer for some time and had had a book of his work published in 1962.  In 1975, Alexander had photographed a London Playboy Club Bunny, Eve Stratford, for Mayfair and she appeared as the centrefold in the March 1975 issue under the name of Eva van Bork.

Eve Stratford in Mayfair, March 1975

Eve's agent was none other than Annie Walker but, in the very same month that her pictorial appeared in Mayfair, Eve was mudered in London in a case that is still unsolved.  More recently, new developments in DNA testing have linked her murder with a schoolgirl killed six months later but the police have yet to find the murderer, although the case is still open.

 French Maid (1961)

 Dark Exchange (1962)

Nobody expects...Ann Walker (1964)

Walker had been one of George Harrison Marks' models in the early sixties and appeared in a number of his short films including French Maid (1961), Dark Exchange (1962) as well as the eponymous Ann Walker (1964), where she does a striptease in a dungeon, set at the time of the Spanish Inquisition, although you would have thought that one dungeon pretty much looks like another!

Here are a number of photographs of Ann Walker taken by Harrison Marks in the early to mid sixties.

She also featured in one of the magazines he published that featured just the one model every issue; the appropriately named Solo, number 26.

With trendy, short mid-sixties hair on a plane

Ann appeared in another 8mm short for director Pete Walker (who was no relation) doing a striptease in a light aircraft.

The essence of the accompanying text to the Mayfair pictorial was that she came from the innocent days of topless only black and white shots.

She said in Mayfair that she wouldn't have posed for the "more blatant" shots just appearing in the likes of "some magazines" (Men Only, Club International and Penthouse, we assume) but she much preferred "Mayfair's style".  The other main UK magazines had started displaying labia quite brazenly in 1976 but Mayfair didn't follow them.

Ann had originally started off her modelling career as an artist's model at the St Martin's School of Art in London at the age of eighteen.   It wasn't long, however, before she started doing nude magazine work.

Some mid-sixties shots

Her maturity in these shots from Mayfair gives her a welcome womanliness in an issue otherwise filled with young girls.  Agent Triple P likes her distinctive and characterful nose!

The rather garish bedspread/throw gives a good mid-seventies look whilst providing a good backdrop for Miss Walker's toned looking body.

All in all we are very glad that Ed Alexander persuaded her to model once more!

She also posesses a truly awesome mid-seventies bush; super fluffy (see above) even by the standards of the time!

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