Thursday, 20 October 2011

Venus with a snake 11: Elizabeth Hurley

Well here is Elizabeth Hurley in a none too subtle version of the girl with a snake theme (actually are there any subtle versions?)  The extended tongue (and we're not talking about the snake) is all a bit much we think.

Miss Hurley also posed, to some effect, with a snake for the film Bedazzled (2000).  In the film she plays the Devil (hence all the snake and apple stuff going on ) who was played, in the original (and superior) 1967 version by Peter Cook.  It's all Faust, of course.  We think that this picture is far more seductive than the more obvious one at the top.  Good grief, we are starting to sound like Agent DVD!

Agent Triple P met Miss Hurley once and found her perfctly delightful although her son, Damien (appropriately), was  a little menace!

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