Tuesday, 4 October 2011

More ladies by Leone Frollo

We have shown a few pictures by Italian artist Leone Frollo over on our Seduction of Venus blog.  This week we watched the Tinto Brass directed film Così fan tutte (1992) (we will feature it in Films of the Week over on our Adventures of Triple P blog shortly) which is, like most of his films a hymn to womens' posteriors.

Whilst watching it we were reminded of Frollo's approach to erotic art which shows a similar fascination for the female rear.

This is a fascination, we have to admit, which Triple P shares and it is interesting to note that our particular friend B (who provides quite a lot of input and suggestions for this site) ventured to us, in Istanbul recently, that she was surprised that there weren't more bottoms here!

Like Signor Brass and Signor Frollo (presumably) Agent Triple P has spent a lot of time interacting with Italian girls over the years (not so much now, sadly) and admits to finding their posteriors particularly splendid (Ilaria, Paola, Beatrice, Tiziana, Carola, Maria Fernanda and some, sadly, whose names we have forgotten).

Is it an Italian thing?  Is it the pasta?  Is it the way that they walk?  Who knows?  We now need more Italian ladies on this site; especially shown from the rear!

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